Conservatory Blind Solutions to suit every Situation

The perfect range of automated, electric and thermal conservatory window, ceiling and roof blinds as well as awnings so you can enjoy your conservatory to the max, all year round.

A huge choice of made to measure, automated, manual and electric conservatory blinds.

Have you improved your property by adding a conservatory? Are you re-looking your existing conservatory? Like more and more people today, are you hoping to enjoy the real, all year round benefits that your conservatory brings to the max? Do you like nothing more than relaxing and enjoying your conservatory, irrespective of the weather? Or do you want to re-look your conservatory with a new, stylish and sophisticated image? If so, then you’re in the right place. We think you’ll love The Roof Collection range of stunning conservatory roof blinds.

Pleated Blinds
Zip Blinds - Roof Lantern

The Roof Blind Collection brings you the perfect range of automated, electric and thermal conservatory window and ceiling roof blinds as well as awnings to let you enjoy your conservatory to the max; all year round.

Pinoleum Blinds
Roof Roller Blinds

At The Roof Blind Collection we’re conscious of the fact that while conservatories are great spaces to enjoy, they have a tendency to over-heat in the summer sun and feel a bit chilly on winter nights.  Add to that, the risk of glare from the sun reflecting on TV or computer screens as well as the possibility of internal echoes as well as noise from neighbours or traffic, and your conservatory enjoyment can be reduced.  However, with the right choice of conservatory window blinds or conservatory ceiling blinds, you can put all these niggles behind you.

The Roof Blind Collection brings you a great range of made to measure, motorised conservatory blinds that solve even the most challenging conservatory issues.  By choosing our electric zip blinds, conservatory awnings or thermal ceiling blinds, you can kiss goodbye to being too hot or too cold, as well as noise intrusion.

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